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Find the perfect domain name with our domain name generator and uncover the spectrum of unique suggestions that are guaranteed to leave the right impression on your audience. Our domain name generator will help you come up with ideas that will make your idea a successful reality.

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AI Domain Generator makes it easier to brainstorm domain names. Simply enter a description and keywords, start typing and then click on search. The more information you can provide about your business, idea or hobby, the better your chances are of finding the right domain. It's that simple! Simply enter your information and we'll provide you with keyword-rich domain names. Best of all, our tool is high-quality, fast, and totally unique.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name for your brand is crucial to your success online. For most users, it is also the first impression they get of your business. As a result, you should make sure you choose a domain name that sounds professional and gives visitors an idea of what they can expect from your website in terms of content.

If you pick the right domain name, you can also make it easier for the search engine spiders to understand what your site is about, making your pages rank more effectively on search engines. The domain name you choose for your website can play a key role in your brand identity. It can assist both search engines and people in understanding the basis of your website while being an important component of your marketing strategy.

Key Elements of a Top Domain Name

  1. They’re relevant: In order to really make a good impression, a domain name should describe something about the business you're visiting. Take for example, the domain name of our sister site,, which tells you exactly what the site is about. It is a place where you can find thousands of online tools, so we've added the word "Tool" to let people know what the site is about. ‍

  2. They’re memorable: It is important that you select a domain name that is unique enough to make it stand out in the minds of people, but also simple enough that people can remember it without difficulty. is an example of such a website, where the word “Snap Words” is used instead of “Article rewriter” to refer to the fact that it powers content for websites rather than simply the term “Article rewriter.”

  3. They’re easy to spell and say: The easiest way to find your website, talk about your website, and share your website is to make it easy for people to do so. You can do this by using small words that are spelled the way they sound. As an example, the site uses three common words that are easy to say and spell so that users can easily find them. ‍

  4. They factor in SEO: It is important to understand that search engine optimization is the main way to drive organic traffic to your website, and this type of traffic is more reliable than traffic driven through social media or advertisements. To make sure your domain name is SEO-friendly, it is necessary to set up a domain name that includes keyword phrases related to your business. ‍

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name

There are many ways to create a good domain name, but there are also many things that you should avoid when creating a domain name:

  1. Misleading words: The domain name you use for your business does not have to directly include keywords for your business, but it should not make people think you're in a completely different category either. For example, if you're naming your business a hair salon, you shouldn't use a phrase such as "flower store". ‍

  2. Numbers: You should avoid using numbers on your website, especially long strings of numbers, as they can make the site look spammy and unprofessional. It's also hard for most people to remember long strings of numbers.
    It's important that the number you add to the domain name makes sense. For example, a visitor to will be interested in finding out what's inside the website. It will make people curious about your site and more likely to click it. If you add a random number, it may have less chance of attracting visitors.

  3. Hyphens: The majority of URLs do not contain hyphens, so if you use hyphens on your URL, people are likely to forget them and type in the wrong domain. You may also think your website is spammy, which will hurt your trust both with individual users and with search engines. ‍

  4. Long words or complicated: It is important that your domain is easy to spell and say, so it is not the best idea to use overly long words, and it is also not the best idea to pick words with silent letters or unusual spellings that could make it difficult for users to remember your website. ‍

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Name Generator Tool

  1. How does the AskingTips domain name generator work?

    AskingTips uses AI technology to generate names instantly based on your suggestions for keywords you have entered.

  2. How do I know if a domain name is available?

    You won't have to worry about this issue if you use the AskingTips website name generator, because it automatically checks all of the names it suggests to make sure that they are available for a domain. It is also possible to check it on Google and/or a domain registration site by searching for the domain name.

  3. Should you go with a domain extension other than .com?

    There are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing a brandable domain name, and if you decide to use an extension other than .com, you will most likely find that you have more choices. Several other extensions or top-level domains are also available, such as .net, .org, .ai, .io, .biz, and .xyz.

  4. Is the AskingTips domain name generator free?

    AskingTips is a free website name generator that displays a list of domain names for your website. You do not need to sign up to use it; just type your keyword into the search bar and click the button Search Domain.